On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Donald Trump Jr. is now hawking shirts from his website making fun of the fatal movie set accident that killed Alec Baldwin's cinematographer Halnya Hutchins.

"The oldest Trump son, Donald Jr., is hawking $27.99 T-shirts on his official site with the mocking slogan: 'Guns don't kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.' On his Instagram stories, the Trump son also posted a photoshopped pic of the actor wearing one of the Ts," reported Jamie Ross. "It's the latest and possibly most egregious example of Trumpworld's celebration of Thursday's fatal accident on the set of Rust. The alt-right has reveled in the shooting due to Baldwin's previous mockery of ex-President Donald Trump and his advocacy for tighter controls on firearms."

Baldwin has also been a longtime target of wrath from the Trump family due to his role portraying the former president in an unflattering satirical light on Saturday Night Live.

Trump Jr. is one of many Republicans who have gone after Baldwin. Ohio GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance took to Twitter immediately after the fatal accident, imploring the platform to "let Trump back on" because "we need Alec Baldwin tweets."

Trump Jr sells 'Alec Baldwin Kills People' T-shirts after fatal movie set accident youtu.be