When did Kevin McCarthy call Trump on Jan. 6 ? Here's why it matters
Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Screen Grab)

On Friday, writing for The Washington Post, Aaron Blake highlighted the massive scope of the House January 6 committee's investigation suggested by the subpoenas of Trump allies and the possibility the White House could turn over additional records — and, if they do, the most important questions the committee could answer.

"Should the Biden White House do this — which hasn't been fully decided and would be subject to a court challenge — it would be significant," wrote Blake. "However little regard Biden's White House might have for Trump's, even White Houses of opposing parties generally avoid this kind of thing. No White House wants to potentially undermine its claims to executive privilege or to set a precedent that its inner workings could one day be disclosed by its successors."

But one of the most significant questions the move could answer, wrote Blake is the timeline of when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had his infamous phone call with Trump — and what it could reveal.

"If the call to McCarthy came earlier, it would suggest Trump's response was even more delayed. If it came later, it would suggest Trump's callousness about the scenes lasted well into the situation," said Blake. "Even if we might not know the full content of these calls, in other words, the timing of them would fill out the picture of Trump's slow response and possibly how much he liked what he was seeing, even as the situation progressively spiraled out of control."

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