Letitia James' fraud case will force Trump to 'throw his kids under the bus if he needs to': biographer
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

Appearing very early Sunday morning on MSNBC, Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston suggested that, should New York Attorney General Letitia James come after the former president and his family with conspiracy charges, they'll turn on each other.

Speaking with host Alicia Menendez, Johnston -- who has an extensive background analyzing Trump's financial shenanigans over the years -- stated he has no doubt that the former president would make his kids the fall guys if push comes to shove.

"The 214-page complaint alleges a decade of inflated real estate values employed to fabricate a facade that Trump was an enormously successful businessman," NBC reported.

Asked what he expects to happen with the New York fraud suit asking for $250 million in fines, he replied, "Well, New York has a civil fraud, conspiracy statute, as all states do, and conspiracy statutes are designed to make it possible for prosecutors to break up the conspiracy to get the rats to scatter and rat each other out."

"And at some point Trump will not be in alignment with his children so I think there is going to be some disruption here in the family," he continued. "They are all going to be looking out for their own individual interests at some point and that's going to be fascinating to watch because Donald would throw his own children under the bus if he has to. Ivanka would be the hardest to do, but he'll throw them under the bus if he needs to for himself."

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