‘Incomprehensible’: George Conway pans Trump’s unqualified legal team
George Conway -- YouTube screenshot

Prominent conservative attorney George Conway had harsh words for Donald Trump's legal advisors during a Thursday evening appearance on CNN.

"Not long after the National Archives acknowledged in February that it had retrieved 15 boxes of presidential records from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, Trump began fielding calls from Tom Fitton, a prominent conservative activist," CNN reported. "Fitton, the longtime head of the legal activist group Judicial Watch, had a simple message for Trump — it was a mistake to give the records to the Archives, and his team should never have let the Archives “strong-arm” him into returning them, according to three sources familiar with the matter."

Fitton is not an attorney, but does have a bachelor's degree from George Washington University.

"While Trump continued to publicly tout his cooperation with the Archives, privately the former President began obsessing over Fitton’s arguments, complaining to aides about the 15 boxes that were handed over and becoming increasingly convinced that he should have full control over records that remained at Mar-a-Lago, according to people with knowledge of his behavior at the time," CNN reported. "Trump even asked Fitton at one point to brief his attorneys, said a person familiar with the matter."

CNN granted anonymity to a person close to the former president to discuss the situation.

“The moment Tom got in the boss’ ear, it was downhill from there,” the source said.

CNN's Kate Bolduan interviewed reporter Gabby Orr.

Bolduan said, "there seems to be a lot of angst right now over Trump's legal team's competency. Why?"

"Kate, I think the sheer volume of attorneys that are circulating around the former president right now just alone speaks to how chaotic things have become," Orr replied.

"I want to walk you through some of those names that we've become familiar with just over the past two weeks," Orr said, with a graphic showing the legal team.

"Christina Bobb is sort of the first one and most forward-facing attorney advising the former president right now," Orr reported. "She's a former One America News host, which is a very far-right, right-wing network. She also advised and helped Rudy Giuliani in his plot to overturn the 2020 election and she's drawn the most criticism from inside Trump's orbit as not necessarily being the most competent foreign represent him at such a time of legal jeopardy."

"There's also Lindsey Halligan, a Florida-based attorney who's primarily worked in insurance litigation," Orr continued. "Alina Habba, a New Jersey based attorney who has long been a representative of former President Trump, but whose background is also not in criminal defense. And then there's Jim Trusty, who among Trump aides and advisers we're told is really seen as the most trustworthy, the most competent of these attorneys around the former president."

For analysis, Bolduan interviewed George Conway.

"Should people be questioning the competency of this legal team?" Bolduan asked.

"Oh, absolutely," Conway replied.

"I mean, they haven't done anything that's really sensible or right, the motion they filed last week was incomprehensible," Conway explained. "And clearly, except for Trusty or [Evan] Corcoran, there's nobody there who's qualified to represent the former president of the United States in this kind of investigation."

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"The problem he's had all along is good lawyers will not work for him in his personal capacity because he doesn't pay them, for one thing, and he doesn't follow their advice and he goes around shopping for advice and undermining any good — and discarding good advice he might receive," Conway said. "That's illustrated by those conversations he had with Tom Fitton."

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