Trumps file motion to force NY AG Letitia James to recuse herself from investigating them
(L-R) Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the ground breaking of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington July 23, 2014. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Donald Trump's family and the Trump Organisation made a late filing in a New York court on Monday demanding New York Attorney General Letitia James recuse herself from investigating their business practices, report Axios.

In their court documents that call her criminal investigation an "unconstitutional" abuse of process.

According to the report, "The motion, filed in the Northern District of N.Y., accuses the Democratic attorney general of overreach and launching a 'politically-motivated attack,' with Rebecca Falconer of Axios adding, "It called the 'co-mingling of joint criminal and civil investigations' into the Trump Organization 'highly prejudicial.'"

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She adds that the Trumps and their lawyers contend "By playing both sides, she [James] is able to cherry pick her investigatory methods—civil or criminal—in a calculated manner to, for example, leverage a Fifth Amendment assertion and obtain an adverse inference."

In a statement to Axios late Monday night, James explained, the filing is "the latest example of the Trump Organization allegedly seeking 'to delay our investigation into its business dealings.'"

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