Here's why Trump's enablers have made Liz Cheney their number one target
HBO screemnshot, AFP

In an opinion column for MSNBC, conservative and Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes made a persuasive case that Donald Trump and his coterie of Republican attack dogs have singled out Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as the central focus of their ire over her vote on impeachment when there are other GOP lawmakers who also turned on the former president.

According to Sykes, Cheney becoming Trump's number one target is not an accident because she has a quality others don't and because of the position she holds on the Jan 6th riot committee.

After citing Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger's historic censure by the RNC on Friday, Sykes said the real focus is on the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney because she has an unimpeachable conservative resume.

As the conservative points out, the exact wording of the censure motion provides a clue.

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"Cheney and Kinzinger, it says, 'are both utilizing their past professed political affiliations to mask Democratic abuse of prosecutorial power for partisan purposes.' In other words, the problem is not disloyalty, it is credibility. As Republicans, they provide bipartisan credibility to the Jan. 6 committee’s investigations," he wrote before adding, "This is the crucial context for Friday’s RNC vote — a desperate anxiety about the danger that the committee poses to Trump world, and the role that Cheney and Kinzinger will play as members of that committee."

He notes that Cheney, because of her ranking position on the committee, is the one Trump's enablers need to destroy.

"Indeed, the House continues to move quickly and effectively — issuing subpoenas, gathering evidence and preparing for televised public hearings. Almost on a daily basis we learn new information about the insanity of Trump’s final days in office, and the picture that is forming is devastating both to the former president and to his GOP accomplice," he explained before pointing out, "Liz Cheney is about to enter prime time. That’s why she matters so much."

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