Liz Cheney is winning the 'Trump is unfit' war: conservative
Donald Trump, Rep. Liz Cheney (R- WY) -- Photos by Saul Loeb and Andrew Harnik for AFP)

In a surprising column for the normally Donald Trump-supporting National Review Online, longtime contributor Andrew McCarthy praised the work being done by the House select committee investigating the Jan 6th insurrection and singled out Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) for her demolition of the former president.

After three hearings, with at least two more to come, McCarthy suggested that the committee has made a strong case against the former president and stated, that while he doesn't think the Wyoming Republican will hang onto her seat in the House, she has done the country a great service.

Beginning, "I'm about ready to pronounce Liz Cheney the victor in the January 6 committee hearings," McCarthy added, "Congresswoman Cheney has been very effective in relating the committee’s blistering case against the former president."

Adding that, like Democrats, "Cheney wants to keep Trump at center stage," McCarthy suggested that she seems to be banking on the belief that: "If she could command the attention of the country for a few days in June, and present what happened as it has never been aired before, in a series of tight, well-scripted sessions, she could hammer home Donald Trump’s unfitness for office."

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Explaining her strategy as, "she could do it out of the mouths of prominent Republicans who served in Trump’s administration and championed Trump policies. That is, instead of partisan Democrat sources, Cheney would use testimony from sources who might be appealing to both pro-Trumpers and Republicans who have no use for Trump personally," McCarthy elaborated, "It is already manifest to those willing to open their eyes that Trump cannot win a national election. I believe Cheney is trying to ensure that he never has a chance to try. The point is to make Trump’s lack of viability so clear and undeniable that it ends his career as a candidate — to show the public, Republicans in particular, the parade of Trump horribles that Democrats could readily turn into ad after campaign ad."

"Liz Cheney has used her platform to make a powerful showing that Trump is unfit and that Republicans would be on a suicide mission if they nominated him again. Democrats wanted to make Trump relevant in the hope that he gets the Republican nomination in 2024. Cheney wanted to make Trump relevant to illustrate that he can’t be nominated because it would mean certain defeat," he wrote before concluding, "She’s winning."

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