'Scam!': Trump whines at Manhattan prosecutor over 'fringe benefits' case
Donald Trump (photo via AFP)

Hours after Donald Trump suggested setting aside provisions in the Constitution because he believes the 2020 election was stolen from him, he was back to complaining about his legal problems in a Manhattan courtroom.

Taking to Truth Social, the former president complained that the prosecutors never should have brought a case against the Trump Organization for ducking paying taxes on employee benefits.

According to Trump, the case is both a "witch hunt" and a "scam."

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"The D.A.s small and uneventful 'Fringe Benefits' case (as opposed to Rape, Murder, or any one of many forms of Violent Crime which is taking place now in New York City at Record Levels), is a case the likes of which has never been charged or tried in such manner before (it is usually a small civil case, if even a case at all. Witch Hunt!)," he wrote.

"At Summation, the prosecutor made statements that weren’t true or factual in order to help his bad & nonexistent facts, and was called out by the Judge. SCAM!" he added.

The former president did not indicate what Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Joshua Steinglass was admonished about, however NY1 reported Judge Juan Manuel Merchan had words with Trump attorney Susan Necheles, with the report adding, "Necheles said the error wasn’t intentional and apologized to the jury when she resumed her argument after a half-hour break."