'He don’t live here': Michigan GOPer knocks Trump over failed state chair endorsement
Donald Trump (Photo bu y Saul Loeb fopr ASFP)

On Saturday night, Michigan Republicans elected controversial extremist Kristina Karamo as their new state party chair in what is seen as a rebuke to Donald Trump who gave a strong endorsement to former attorney general candidate Matt DePerno.

Karamo got the nod after three "contentious" ballots, the Washington Post reported, despite her flop at the polls in November when she ran for secretary of state after being dogged about past comments that included saying the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud.

After losing in November, she also complained that the election was tainted as Republicans lost across the board in what was described as an "ass-kicking."

Trump had previously endorsed DePerno, issuing a statement that said, "Republicans in Michigan must unite and work together if they want to save Michigan," which has fallen into the hands of "radical Democrats," We must start by supporting Matt DePerno for chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. He is the only candidate running who can get the job done!" the Detroit Free Press reported.

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Trump's entreaties to Republicans in Michigan appear to have a fallen on deaf ears, with the Washington Post reporting, "The chaotic 11-hour convention, featuring a rowdy standoff over voting procedures and 10 candidates who all ran under a pro-Trump banner, left no doubt that the bulk of the party’s activists in this key battleground state remain firmly committed to election denial and showed no interest in moderating their message to appeal to the political center."

According to one candidate who ran for the chairmanship before throwing his support to Karamo, Trump's endorsement wasn't enough.

Explained Mark Forton, "We love Donald Trump, but he don’t live here."

Christine Barnes, who ran for office in November and lost, says she stayed away from the convention and blamed the party's ills on the former president's interference in 2022.

"Do I think it destroyed the state party? For sure,” she stated before adding, “And the party is a hot mess right now.”

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