Wall Street Journal pounces on Trump for smearing Republicans before the midterms
Donald Trump (Photo by Brendan Smialowski | AFP)

Following his weekend rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump was called out by the editors of the Wall Street Journal for using the time he should have been promoting GOP Senate candidate Mehmet Oz to plug himself -- and trash some of his GOP rivals.

As the editors have noted before, Trump is continuing to make everything about himself, but more disturbing is the fact that he is doing damage to Republican Party and its prospects in the 2024 presidential election should he not run or be unable to run due to his legal issues.

According to the editorial, "But as usual with Mr. Trump, the rally turned out to be less for Mr. Oz than for . . . himself. During the rally Mr. Trump showed the results of a recent poll for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024," before adding that Trump's attack on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) won't help Republicans if they have to turn to the Florida governor in 2024.

"Perhaps Mr. Trump thinks that if he can reduce the Governor’s margin of victory on Tuesday Mr. DeSantis will be less likely to challenge him for the nomination," they wrote while also noting he continues to take shots at his two-time running mate Mike Pence and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who is also likely to run in 2024.

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"That shot at Mr. Cruz’s unlikability is best understood as a warning not to run or Mr. Trump will return to calling him 'lyin’ Ted,'" the editors predicted. "Mr. Trump wants to clear the GOP presidential field, and he knows that Mr. DeSantis has emerged in the last two years as his strongest potential opponent. A declaration so soon after the election, if he does declare next week, will also be an attempt to deter a possible Justice Department indictment."

"But his focus on his own prospects, and criticizing his fellow Republicans even before a crucial midterm election, is one more reminder that Mr. Trump’s only abiding principle is what’s good for Donald Trump," they concluded.