Trump posts doctored video of Anderson Cooper speech mixed with out-of-context Biden clips
Donald Trump speaks to CNN's Anderson Cooper (screen grab)

Donald Trump on Saturday posted a doctored video on social media that showed CNN's Anderson Cooper giving his controversial monologue about the dangers exposed by the network's Trump town hall, but interspersed with clips and images of President Joe Biden instead of the former president.

After Trump's New Hampshire town hall, Cooper defended the network while acknowledging public anger about platforming Trump, and enabling him to double down on debunked election fraud claims and further insult a woman he was just found liable for sexually assaulting and defaming. Cooper saw his fair share of criticism for the speech, including being accused of "gaslighting" Americans by his own friend.

The speech has already been used in memes and in fake clips. Trump himself posted a doctored clip of the same Cooper monologue, but twisted to portray Cooper mocking CNN.

In the new clip, Cooper's words are mostly unchanged, but the video is edited to make it appear as though Cooper is referencing Biden and not Trump.

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"I want to say something about what we witnessed about last night's town hall," Cooper can be seen saying as a video of a Biden town hall appears on the screen. "It was disturbing."

When Cooper talks about Trump's repeated false statements at the town hall, saying it was difficult to fact-check in real time Trump's wave of lies, a video of Biden talking about the Covid-19 vaccines appears on screen.