'Old news': Conservative explains why 'people have finally gotten bored' with Trump
Donald Trump answers questions from John Paulson at the Economic Club of New York at the Waldorf Astoria in 2016. (Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com)

Donald Trump is losing his grip on the Republican Party because voters are getting tired of his act, according to one conservative.

The twice-impeached former president has been unable to recapture the magic in his recently launched 2024 campaign, and Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" what was missing from Trump's latest efforts.

"You can't beat somebody with nobody, but I do say whatever chicken analogy is right, counting my chickens before they have hatched or if the chickens have come home to roost, I don't think this is the same naïveté that I displayed years earlier when I had written off Donald Trump prematurely," Lewis said. "That's true for a couple of reasons. One, this has been a long -- I don't have to tell you, this has been a long time coming, and I went back and looked at Donald Trump's year. 2022 was a horrible year, not just because of the midterms. it started off with a rally in Arizona that was horrible, that didn't live up to expectations, he seemed off of his game. Then he praised Vladimir Putin's brilliance, you know, genius for going into Ukraine."

"We did see a little bit of the old magic with the Mar-a-Lago raid," he continued. "I think that's the best thing that happened to Donald Trump, where it created a rally-around-the-flag effect, but it was short-lived, and so I think the difference is, not only has this been a long time coming, but I'm not really suggesting anything magical. I'm not suggesting Republicans are going to come to their senses. What I am suggesting is human nature. I think people have finally gotten bored with him. I think we have short attention spans, and I think he's gotten older, and I think he's being supplanted. He's being supplanted by someone on the right. Ron DeSantis, I think, that's the question, does DeSantis run, but I also think Donald Trump is being supplanted in the, you know, what I would call the attention economy. It's not just Ron DeSantis in the political realm. It's also people like Elon Musk who I think are taking up sucking up the Twitter oxygen that Donald Trump used to receive."

"It was a horrible year for Trump in 2022," Lewis added. "Maybe he rebounds, but for the first time, I think he's starting to look old and not just old in age, but old news."

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