'You've offended the lord': Latinos for Trump leader fears ex-president suffering divine retribution
Evangelical pastors pray over Donald Trump. (Official White House Photos by Joyce Boghosian)

A key supporter of Donald Trump says the former president has only himself to blame for his legal and political turmoil.

Bianca Garcia, president of Latinos for Trump, told "The Jeff Dornik Show" the former president may be suffering divine retribution for somehow offending God, and she encouraged him to seek out spiritual guidance and pray with his family to see a reversal of fortunes, reported Insider.

"We see it. There are no faith leaders coming out of Mar-a-Lago right now, there's nobody counseling him, his family, praying with him," Garcia said. "They can't just appear and go and knock on Mar-a-Lago. He needs to be the one to invite them in and say, 'Look... this world has gone chaotic and it's mad.'"

Garcia suggested that Trump had possibly "offended the Lord" in "some big way," and he was then punished with his 2020 election loss and mounting legal difficulties.

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"You need to go in the prayer closet," Garcia advised. "You need to find a closet, go get on your knees. Pray, and repent, for whatever it is, because you've offended the Lord."

Trump's palatial Florida home was searched on August 8.

Trump, who is weighing another White House run in 2024, accused the Justice Department under Democratic President Joe Biden of conducting a "witch hunt" and said the judge "should never have allowed the Break-in of my home."

According to the affidavit, the FBI opened the investigation after the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) received 15 boxes of records in January 2022 that had been improperly removed from the White House and taken to Mar-a-Lago.

It said sensitive National Defense Information was among the records recovered including 67 documents marked as confidential, 92 as secret and 25 as top secret.

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Among the documents was intelligence information received from "clandestine human sources", a classification which can include spies and informants and is among the most tightly-held of government secrets.

"Highly classified records were unfoldered, intermixed with other records and otherwise unproperly identified," according to the affidavit. "Several of the documents also contained what appears to be (Trump's) handwritten notes."

In June, according to the affidavit, the Justice Department informed a Trump lawyer that Mar-a-Lago was "not authorized to store classified information."

When they raided Trump's estate in Palm Beach two months later, FBI agents seized a further stash of documents marked "Top Secret," "Secret" and "Confidential."

In addition to investigations in New York into his business practices, Trump faces legal scrutiny for his efforts to overturn the results of the November 2020 election, and for the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol by his supporters.

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