Fox News contributor lauds 'peaceful' Proud Boys converging on DC for pro-Trump demonstration
Members of the violent Proud Boys group are expected to attend a last-ditch rally for US President Donald Trump in Washington on January 6(AFP)

A Fox News contributor celebrated some of the right-wing groups headed to Washington, D.C., as "peaceful" -- despite some of them getting arrested for their last demonstration there.

The president has encouraged his supporters to converge in the nation's capital on Wednesday to protest the certification of Joe Biden's election win, and city officials have warned that gun laws would be strictly enforced and police have already arrested some individuals associated with the right-wing Proud Boys.

"This summer, Washington, D.C. and a number of cities were boarded up because of rioting," said Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich, referring to Black Lives Matter protests. "We had chyron saying it's a fiery but peaceful protest. Fact is there are thousands of Trump supporters coming to Washington today. They have a very peaceful track record. This idea that you have journalists saying we should classify them as extremists, when they refused to do it for Antifa, exposes the bias we've been seeing for a long time now."

Trump infamously called on the Proud Boys, whose members have been arrested for a variety of violent crimes, to "stand back and stand by" during a September presidential debate, and the right-wing group has clashed with the left-wing Antifa movement demonized by the president and his supporters.