Donald Trump waiting for the right moment to seek revenge: The former president knows he's 'overexposed'
Donald Trump (AFP)

Donald Trump has been largely silent since leaving the White House last month, but he's making preparations for a comeback grievance tour.

The former president is planning a nationwide speaking tour intended to target the 10 Republicans who backed his impeachment and any GOP senators who speak out against him at next week's trial, reported Insider.

"I'm sure he wants to get out a roulette wheel with all their faces on it," said one Republican who speaks to Trump.

However, the former president is waiting until the trial ends and seems to understand Americans needed a break from his antics.

"Even he recognizes that we have Trump fatigue," said the Republican source. "Even he knows that you can get overexposed, and he wore the electorate out, and that was part of the problem. He clearly wore the country out with his behavior between the election and the inauguration."

Trump has been stung by the loss of his Twitter account and surprised by his swift impeachment -- his second in one term -- over the U.S. Capitol insurrection, but he's eager to return to the public eye.

"Trump is clearly shell shocked from the reaction to Jan. 6 and losing his social media platform," said Doug Heye, a former spokesman for the Republican National Committee. "We don't know how long that will last, but it's safe to assume we'll be hearing from him at some point."

There are no plans in place for his plans for the 2022 midterm campaigns, but some Republicans would prefer Trump take a lengthy break from politics.

"Trump would do best for himself and the party by laying low for a few years," said GOP strategist Mike DuHaime.

Without his social media platform, Trump has been forced to take a big step out of the spotlight in the first weeks of Joe Biden's presidency, and some allies think that's been good for the former president's image.

"Honestly, Twitter did him a favor," the Republican source said.