Trump accused of 'trying to poison the well' ahead of rape trial
Donald Trump (Photo by Nichoals Kamm for AFP)

Prior to the opening of E. Jean Carroll's rape trial, Donald Trump is being accused of trying to taint the Lower Manhattan jury pool whose ultimate decision could make or break his chances to run for president again in 2024.

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Jose Pagliery, the former president's lawyers and prosecutors have a herculean task in front of them as they sift through the potential jurors who will hear details of Carroll's account of being sexually assaulted by Trump years before he entered politics.

What is causing raised eyebrows are proposed questions that Trump's lawyers want to ask, with one question, "Do you think that the #metoo movement has gone too far?” under scrutiny.

According to law professor Aviva Orenstein of Indiana University Bloomington, that leading question is designed to put doubt in juror's minds before the trial even begins.

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“He’s trying to poison the well a little bit and plant seeds in the jurors' minds. He’s warming them up before he even talks to them,” Orenstein suggested with Pagliery elaborating, "Trump’s lawyers also want to engage in what several legal scholars noted was a blatant litmus test for people’s politics: dredging up the debacle that was the Senate’s contentious confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court pick in 2018, Brett Kavanaugh."

That hearing appears to be foremost in the minds of Trump's lawyers who also reportedly want to ask, "Are you familiar with the allegations made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before he was confirmed to the Court?”

According to defense attorney Andrea D. Lyon, “These are the kinds of questions you can’t get to ask. Judges won’t let you, because you’re bringing in a case that has nothing to do with a trial… there’s a huge backstory. And my guess is, it’s to identify people who just hate Trump, and also take a look and see if ‘grab ‘em by the p---y’ people stick together."

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