Trump team accuses special master Dearie of exceeding his authority in late night filing: report
Donald Trump (Photo via AFP)

In a late-night filing on Wednesday evening, attorneys for Donald Trump pushed back at special master Raymond Dearie's demand that the former president state for the record in court if the Justice Department’s inventory of government documents reclaimed from the Mar-a-Lago search by FBI agents is accurate.

According to a report from CNN, the attorneys are now also claiming that Dearie -- who was chosen for the job by Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon at their suggestion -- is going too far and exceeding his authority.

As CNN is reporting, "Trump’s team argued the court order appointing Dearie made mention only of a declaration from a government official verifying the Justice Department’s search inventory, and that there was no such reference to a declaration from the Trump side," adding, "The former President’s team also claimed that Dearie is exceeding his authority by asking that the documents from the search be logged in categories more specific than what US District Judge Aileen Cannon, who granted Trump’s request for the review, contemplated in her appointment order."

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The report goes on to add that Trump's legal representatives are also asking for more time due to the volume of documents Trump was found to possess -- an estimated 11,000.

In a letter to Dearie they wrote, “In conversations between Plaintiff’s counsel and the Government regarding a data vendor, the Government mentioned that the 11,000 documents contain closer to 200,000 pages. That estimated volume, with a need to operate under the accelerated timeframes supported by the Government, is the reason why so many of the Government’s selected vendors have declined the potential engagement.”

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