Steve Bannon proposes 'shock troops' for the next conservative takeover of the government: report
Steve Bannon (Screengrab / 60 minutes)

According to a report from NBC, former Donald Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon is proposing putting together "shock troops" comprised of other former Trump officials and like-minded conservatives in the event Republicans take back the Oval Office in 2024 with the idea of immediately refashioning the U.S. government to their liking as soon as they take control.

The report notes that Bannon -- who has reemerged following Trump's 2020 presidential loss to Joe Biden -- met with "Scores of former Trump political appointees gathered at a GOP social club Wednesday night," to exhort them to start planning for their future.

In an interview with MSNBC by phone, Bannon admitted, "If you're going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately," before boasting, "I gave 'em fire and brimstone."

According to NBC's Jonathan Allen, "Bannon, who ran former President Donald Trump's first campaign and later worked as a top adviser in the White House, said that Trump's agenda was delayed by the challenges of quickly filling roughly 4,000 slots for presidential appointees at federal agencies and the steep learning curve for political officials who were new to Washington."

With that in mind, the report notes that the former Trump adviser made his appearance at the behest of the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees, which is being used as a central clearinghouse made up of GOP officials looking to get back into power.

According to Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, one of the group's organizers, "There are so many statutes and regulations as well as agency and departmental policies, it can be very overwhelming when you first come in. This is an organization that has a very narrow, clear and much-needed purpose, and, once it is operational, I think it could do a lot of good not just for the Republican Party but for the country."

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