A DoorDash driver got lost in Albuquerque – then all hell broke loose

Three people have been arrested after a confrontation with a DoorDash driver in an Albuquerque neighborhood this Saturday, local news outlet KOAT 7 reports.

Court documents say Nicki Osborne was trying to confirm a delivery address when a female emerged from a house armed with a gun and yelled at Osborne to leave the area.

When Osborne tried to leave, a second female and a male emerged from the residence armed with guns and fired shots. Osborne was unharmed in the incident.

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When police arrived on the scene, the suspects barricaded themselves inside the residence and initiated a lengthy standoff before they eventually surrendered.

Lawrence Mora, his daughter Jaylene Mora, and Christina Cervantes have been charged with aggravated assault and shooting at a vehicle.

Watch a report on the story below or at this link.

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