Alaska cops under fire for letting Trump supporter go after she produces a 'white privilege' card: report
Mimi Israelah (Photo posted to Mimi Iraelah's Facebook page)

According to a report from the Associated Press, two Alaskan police officers are under fire for letting a supporter of Donald Trump go after she was pulled over for weaving at 3:43 AM and she showed them a gag "White Privilege" card in lieu of her driver's license.

As the report notes, news of the traffic stop would never have seen the light of day had Mimi Israelah not posted a picture of herself with a police officer and written about the stop on her Facebook account.

According to the California woman who traveled to Alaska to attend a Trump rally featuring the former president, she couldn't find her license when asked for it, so she flashed her gag card instead.

"He laughed and called his partner. It’s their first time to see a White Privileged [sic] card," she wrote, while also sharing video of the stop on Twitter that has since been taken down.

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The report notes that the two police officers have been identified as Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland, who during the stop called the card "hilarious."

According to the Associated Press, "Deputy Chief Sean Case said some people who saw the post had negative reactions to it, and believed it was inappropriate. 'We recognize that,' he said.

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