'We claim that in Jesus' name': Mastriano ad says rainbow at campaign rally shows God is about to make him governor
An ad for Doug Mastriano (Screen cap)

A new ad released by Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano cites a rainbow that appeared over a recent campaign event as proof that God is preparing to make him governor.

The ad, which is titled "Rainbow Promise," shows footage of Mastriano supporters at a rally over the weekend and excerpts from Mastriano's speech where he points to the rainbow as a symbol of divine favor.

"We're so thankful that God has blessed us here with perfect weather so we can come together," Mastriano says in the ad. "That's a beautiful rainbow. Look at it! Wow. We claim that in Jesus' name."

The ad then shows messages that Mastriano supporters sent to him commenting on the rainbow as a clear sign that God was about to put a holy thumb on the scales to help him win his campaign.

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"Historic moment in time Doug!!!" read one message. "God is watching and speaking with this. How spectacular!"

"A beautiful sign from above, through the darkness there is light!" read another. "Let's go Doug!"

Although Tuesday's elections are expected to be bad for Democrats overall, polls indicate that Mastriano will likely need some kind of biblical intervention to win, as polls show he is currently trailing Democratic rival Josh Shapiro by double digits.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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