'Disloyal sleaze bag!' Trump flips out on McConnell in late-night rant after Jan. 6 hearing
Donald YTrump (Photo via AFP)

Former President Donald Trump went on a massive tirade late Thursday night after the House select committee on the Jan 6th riot concluded their latest public hearing, with Trump ending his night by trashing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as a "disloyal sleaze bag!"

After the committee displayed irrefutable evidence that the former president did nothing for three hours while watching on TV as rioters stormed the Capitol building, Trump appeared to be trying to place blame everywhere but in his own lap and included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in his Truth Social meltdown.

Before writing, "Is this the same Mitch McConnell who was losing big in Kentucky, and came to the White House to BEG me for an Endorsement and help? Without me he would have lost in a landslide. A disloyal sleaze bag!" Trump wrote, "I had an election Rigged and Stolen from me, and our Country. The USA is going to Hell. Am I supposed to be happy?"

Before that he wrote, "1. But Crooked Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and many others, contested their Elections - and for a far longer time than I. 2. How do they know I watched on T.V.? 3. I never said that to Kevin McCarthy, who came to Mar-a-Lago to say 'hi' very early on (the Unselects don’t say this). So many lies and misrepresentations by the corrupt and highly partisan Unselect Committee!" adding, "Liz Cheney is a sanctimonious loser. The Great State of Wyoming is wise to her. Why not show the tapes, or interview, those that, with evidence, challenge the election?" and then, "It’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault, she turned down the troops! Perhaps she was disengaged - maybe looking for her husband!"

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Trump also appears to have been watching CNN's coverage because he lashed out at host Jake Tapper, writing, "Fake Tapper of CNN is so biased and pathetic. No wonder CNN’s ratings are at an all time low! P.S. Almost all Trump Endorsed candidates have won, or are winning!"

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