'How is this guy not in jail?' Morning Joe shreds 'sociopath' Trump for 'vile' actions on Jan. 6
Official White House photo by Tia Dufour.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough offered a scathing assessment of Donald Trump's character and fitness for office after the Jan. 6 Committee revealed his intentional inaction as his supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Testimony presented Thursday at a public hearing revealed that Trump watched television coverage of the riot and ignored entreaties from lawmakers, family members and conservative media allies to call off the mob, and finally and reluctantly told them to leave the Capitol after he realized his plan to overthrow the government would fail.

"Again, to underline this, Donald Trump, when he knew Mike Pence and Mike Pence's wife and Mike Pence's family, when he knew they were in danger, that's when he sent out a tweet attacking him, to whip the mob into a greater frenzy," Scarborough said. "Of course, that's when [Matthew] Pottinger and so many others, [Sarah] Matthews and so many others decided to quit, at that moment, because they understood the danger that Donald Trump had put him in and what was that sociopath's final words that day? 'Mike Pence let me down.' He's just a heinous human being."

The former president surrounded himself with other low-character individuals who enabled his racism and corruption, Scarborough said, and even those people begged him to put a stop to the violence.

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"These people were calling, begging him to stop," Scarborough said. "His family members were begging him to stop. Fox News hosts were calling, begging him to stop. His children were begging him to stop, everybody around him was begging him to stop, and he was the sociopath that stood above the crowd. He was even more vile and more repugnant than everybody else, and wanted his vice president to die, said his vice president deserved dying."

"My God, I mean, you listen to this testimony, and you wonder -- I'm not criticizing Merrick Garland, I want to be very clear, not criticizing Merrick Garland, be very clear," Scarborough added. "But you wonder how this guy is not already in jail. It's staggering."

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