Conservative mocks Dr. Oz's 'panicked' fundraising message and says it's a sign of a 'dying' campaign
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On CNN Tuesday, conservative Trump-skeptic and former Reagan administration official Peter Wehner discussed the struggling Senate campaign of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.

This comes after Oz, who won the primary with former President Donald Trump's endorsement, sent out a fundraising email proclaiming that the "MAGA movement is dying."

"I want to get your take on what is happening with Dr. Oz, because he has had this interesting campaign trajectory, where he started out completely embracing Trump, wrapping himself in the former president, touting his endorsement everywhere he went, to being much quieter about the support he's getting from Trump now that he's actually secured the GOP nomination," said anchor Kaitlan Collins.

"Yeah, that's because he's now in a general election rather than a primary," said Wehner. "Because MAGA's appeal is in the Republican Party, not necessarily in the country at large. And that fundraising letter he sent out about, you know, MAGA dying, maybe his campaign is dying, he's been outraised 9 to 1, this is a panicked fundraising appeal, trying to get some — inject fuel into the base of the party to get more money."

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"But unfortunately from my perspective as a conservative, MAGA is alive and well, at least in the Republican Party," added Wehner. "Whether it is alive and well in the rest of the country, we'll see."

Oz faces off against Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who has gained national attention for his campaign relentlessly touting his Pennsylvania roots and questioning Oz's residency.

Watch video below or at this link.

Peter Wehner on Dr Oz's "panicked" campaign