'Typical Karen moment': Son charged after viral video catches him punching Black worker who refused to show mom his ID

A Tennessee man was charged with assault after he punched a parking garage worker who refused to show identification in a recorded confrontation that went viral.

Edward Brennan and his mother, identified as "Bitsy," spotted Johnny Martinez checking cars for parking permits in a Nashville garage and began watching him, and the worker said he tried to avoid the pair until they confronted him.

“You don’t belong here," Bitsy allegedly said. "How did you get here?”

A video of the Nov. 27 encounter that was posted on YouTube show Brennan and his mother questioning Martinez, who works in the River House apartment building’s parking garage, and demanding to see identification.

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The video shows Brennan strike Martinez, who said he tried to retrieve a bottle opener that was knocked from his keychain during the attack, and the other man lunged at him.

Bitsy had called police on Martinez, but she and her son left before police arrived, but an arrest warrant was filed against Brennan on Dec. 2, according The Daily Beast.

Martinez said passersby are often curious as he checks for parking passes at the apartment building, but he said his headlamp, knee pads and lanyard usually indicate that he's on official business, and he said the encounter still made him anxious days later.

“I felt like crap,” he said. “I thought I was going to have a typical Karen moment.”

Assaulted by Racist Karen Mom and Son duo for working while black www.youtube.com