'Republicans are eating their own': Morning Joe says GOP legitimizing conspiracies by purging non-believers

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough bashed state Republican Parties by legitimizing "bizarre" conspiracy theories by purging officials who don't go along with them.

The "Morning Joe" host started the segment by marveling that many GOP voters apparently believed their political opponents were "cannibals and pedophiles," but then noted, somewhat ironically, that Republicans were "eating their own" in a purge of non-believers.

"State parties are punishing the 10 Republicans who did not vote to overturn the election results," Scarborough said. "State Republican Parties and local Republican Parties are trying to censure people month did their jobs. The guy in Michigan who just did what he was supposed to do and a ministerial act, he's out of his job. Doug Ducey in Arizona, Brian Kemp in Georgia -- they are enemies of Donald Trump's Republican Party because they didn't fall victim to these conspiracy theories."

Scarborough noted that 64 federal courts have found the theories are based on lies, that there's no evidence of election fraud stealing away Trump's re-election, yet Republicans are making those lies into articles of faith.

"People are still like falling prey to this because the Republican Party in Arizona, the Republican Party in Georgia, the Republican Party in Texas, the Republican Party in Wyoming -- they are trying to punish people for not engaging in sedition," Scarborough said. "That's where the Republican Party is, and, again, where are the adults in the Republican Party that are going to stand up and start punishing this type of behavior?"

"If you like the Republican civil war in Georgia, you're going to love the Republican civil war in Arizona, because the same thing happening in Georgia is now happening in Arizona," he added. "The Republican Party is eating its own, and that turns out very badly for Republicans."

The conspiracy theories -- and the actions Republicans have taken against them -- have made the party toxic to donors, Scarborough said.

"[Rep.] Liz Cheney is the only respectable member in leadership who didn't, let's be very clear about this, who didn't vote to disenfranchise millions and millions of Black voters in Milwaukee County, Wayne County, Atlanta, Georgia, in Philadelphia," he said. "All the other Republican leadership in the House voted to disenfranchise millions and millions of black voters. What PAC, what corporation is going to give a dime to Republicans who voted to take away the votes of millions and millions of Black voters? Bull Connor never, ever did anything that was as nefarious, like taking away the voting rights of millions and millions of black voters."

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