Melania 'would have been disgusted' by the election night party — if she was there: new book
Melania Trump (Twitter)

I'll Take Your Questions Now , a new book by Stephanie Grisham, makes it clear that the former Trump aide didn't much care for Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump -- and neither did the First Lady, Melania Trump.

For example, the new book describes a bizarre scene on Election Night, and the party planning that went into it.

Melania Trump didn't feel like an election night party was appropriate, given the pandemic. Additionally, she was concerned that they'd just barely gotten over the virus themselves.

"She didn't want to be responsible for another perceived 'superspreader event' in the White House or the message it would send to Americans," the book recalled. "She also felt it was inappropriate to mix the election with the People's House—never mind that the entire Republican National Convention had been at the White House, including her own speech. But I think the real reason was that the big, splashy election party was the brainchild of Ivanka and Jared, and I think Mrs. Trump was frankly tired of the Trump kids thinking the White House was their personal playground or a Hollywood set on which they could perform."

"They were planning this already, and they hope I will say yes," Melania Trump told Grisham.

Grisham went on to describe a kind of battle of "wills, patience and endurance" between the "Javanka" office and the First Lady's team. The campaign wanted a huge event with a big stage and a massive guest list. Nor did they much "care about the security plan if riots broke out in Washington that evening."

"I think this is all fine—I don't know what the fuss was about," Kushner told Grisham.

"Okay, buddy, noted," she thought.

Everything worked out fine, but Grisham found herself judging the event from the First Lady's perspective.

"Tables had been set up, and there were two open bars," the book says. "The buffet consisted of all of the president's favorite foods, which meant, among other high-calorie offerings, cheeseburger sliders, French fries, and chicken tenders. Because the first lady had made clear that she wasn't interested in attending, we hadn't made any requests about the menu on her behalf. Suffice it to say, she would have been disgusted by everything on offer. In Melania Trump's world, pigs don't belong in blankets."