REVEALED: Trump-promoted social media star has secret ties to apocalyptic religious group

Last week, President Donald Trump promoted a video produced by an obscure jewelry auctioneer named Seth Holehouse, who has taken to pushing multiple discredited conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.

However, as The Daily Beast's Will Sommer reports, Holehouse has extensive ties to the Chinese Falun Gong spiritual movement that believes Trump is an ally who will help bring about a "Judgement Day" in which its persecutors in the Chinese Communist Party are condemned to eternal torment.

In fact, Holehouse used to work as creative director for The Epoch Times, which is Falun Gong's in-house publication that has churned out pro-Trump propaganda during his presidency.

"Trump fans have come to see Epoch Times as one of the few outlets they can rely on," reports Sommer. "At a Dec. 12 rally in Washington, for example, protesters held a banner urging Republicans to ditch Fox News for Epoch Times."

Making matters more mysterious is the fact that The Epoch Times has been working to scrub Holehouse's past work for the publication just before his video went viral via a Trump tweet.

"Shortly before Holehouse's video was released, Falun Gong-affiliated websites began to purge references to Holehouse's status as a Falun Gong practitioner," writes Sommer. "As first reported on debunking website Metabunk, Falun Gong website Clear Harmony removed a reference to an appearance Holehouse made at a Minnesota Falun Gong conference in 2007. The section about Holehouse was deleted sometime after Nov. 9, 2020, according to a cache of the website."