Missouri Republican accused of domestic abuse scrutinized over silent 911 call from his house
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

On Friday, The Kansas City Star reported that disgraced former Missouri governor and current GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens, already accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault, had a mysterious half-minute silent 911 call placed from his house a few years ago.

"In May 2019, a 911 operator answered a call coming from former Gov. Eric Greitens’ lakeside home in eastern Missouri. Twenty-nine seconds of near-silence followed," reported Kacen Bayless and Jonathan Shorman. "The 911 operator quickly called back. Greitens, answering the phone, apologized and assured her everything was fine. 'It was kids playing with the phone,' he said."

However, according to the report, Sheena Greitens, his ex-wife, is worried that something more sinister may have been responsible for that call.

"The May 26, 2019, 911 call came six months before one of Greitens’ two sons said his father hit him, knocking a tooth loose that was eventually removed, according to allegations made in an affidavit last month by [Sheena Greitens]," said the report. "She has also alleged that in April 2018, the former governor knocked her down in the Innsbrook home and took away her phone, wallet and keys to prevent her from seeking help. The couple separated in June 2018, according to court documents, and were divorced in 2020."

Greitens previously resigned as governor of Missouri in 2018, following accusations that he sexually assaulted his hairdresser, and then blackmailed her into silence with explicit photos of the incident.

Despite that, as recently as this March, former President Donald Trump was considering endorsing him for Missouri's open Senate seat — at least before the domestic violence allegations came out.

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