GOP candidate's widely criticized 'RINO hunting' ad may have completely backfired: report
Eric Greitens speaks at Mike Pence speaks rally in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2016. (

Trump-loving GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens is desperate for former President Donald Trump's endorsement -- but his latest gambit to secure Trump's backing may have backfired.

The Daily Beast reports that Greitens's widely criticized ad, in which he waved around a gun and pledged to go "RINO hunting" against fellow Republicans who showed disloyalty to the MAGA agenda, has not gone over well in Trump's orbit, as they worry it will simply add more controversy to a candidate who already has a lot of baggage.

"What Greitens didn’t anticipate... was that Trump and his team might also be disturbed -- and that an ad with Jan. 6’s violent undertones might be all the more reason for the former president to stay away from endorsing a former governor who had to resign following allegations of sexual assault," reports The Daily Beast's Zachary Petrizzo.

Despite the fact that Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancé of Donald Trump Jr., is still "all in" on Greitens, it seems the former president's eldest son is still staying on the sidelines.

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“While Don has made it known that he is a fan of Greitens personally, he basically thinks that the best move for his dad strategically is to just sit back and let the primary unfold without jumping in for anyone,” one source who is described as "familiar with" Trump Jr.'s thinking explained.

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