'Abject humiliation': Kansas City Star editorial dances on Eric Greitens political grave
Eric Greitens speaks at Mike Pence speaks rally in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2016. (Shutterstock.com)

Controversial MAGA candidate Eric Greitens went down in flames in Missouri's Republican Senate primary -- and the editors of the Kansas City Star couldn't wait to dance on his political grave.

In a scathing editorial published after Greitens finished in third place in the GOP primary on Tuesday, the Kansas City Star recapped why the Trump-loving former Missouri governor deserved to be run out of politics all together.

"Greitens came in third — abject humiliation for a candidate with such huge name recognition," the editors wrote. "He never should have wasted primary voters’ time, or his donors’ money, in the first place... He was accused of campaign finance violations (and paid a fine and signed a consent decree with the Missouri Ethics Commission to settle — an admission he’d misreported contributions). His former hairdresser credibly alleged he tied her up in his basement and forced himself on her sexually. And since his resignation, his ex-wife has testified under oath that he physically assaulted her and their children."

The editors also noted that Greitens showed absolutely no contrition about his past actions, which gave voters no reason to give him a second look.

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"Instead, voters got the same arrogant, violently threatening persona they’d come to know before, amped up even further," the editors wrote. "A commercial where he and a squadron of shock troops brandished rifles to go “RINO hunting” drew scorn and horror far outside Missouri’s borders."

The editorial concluded by warning that Greitens would likely still try to run for office in the future -- and it all but begged Missourians to stop sending him money.

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