Longtime friend of GOP's Eric Greitens calls him a 'broken man' and accuses him of lying about his beliefs
Eric Greitens speaks at Mike Pence speaks rally in Chesterfield, Missouri in 2016. (Shutterstock.com)

Former Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) served in the Navy and one of his fellow servicemembers has published a video begging the Republican to get out of the Missouri Senate race.

In a video that is quickly going viral, Navy man Ken Harbaugh, who served for nine years during some of Greitens' year, called the Senate candidate a "broken man."

"Eric, I know you must be in a dark place to think what you're doing is worth it," said Harbaugh. "I've known you for most of my life, from our first day at Duke to the time at Oxford. I remember your excitement coming back from the Democratic Convention, and what it meant to see America's first Black president elected. I went to your weddings. Your speech at the first one, about saving the worms, I still remember it."

He recalled their work together co-founding a nonprofit group called The Mission Continues and they debated whether to take money from the Clinton Foundation. He recalled a large picture of Greitens' of JFK.

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Harbaugh went on to say that he was so excited about Greitens candidacy as a pro-gay and pro-choice Republican that he took out a $5,000 loan against his life insurance policy just to donate it to the campaign.

"Things have not gone as I expected. Eric, I want you to know that there are worse things in life than running for office honorably and losing. Trust me. I've done that," said Harbaugh, who ran for office in Ohio.

"What you're doing now is not honorable," he continued. "And it is not a reflection of the Eric I knew. Even if you do win, you're going to lose more than you can imagine by campaigning like this. Your call to hunt down Republicans who disagree with you? That's my mom Eric. Just because she doesn't think the election was stolen, and let's be honest, you don't either. That's not a reason to threaten her. She was one of the few people to reach out when you were forced to resign as governor. She wrote to you about grace, and redemption. She reminded you that even the greatest sins, those against one's own family, can be forgiven."

He closed by imploring Greitens to "do the right thing" and drop out of the race because "you're going to get someone killed."

See the video below: