'How do I get my fan mail?' Prosecutors say 'homicidal maniac' Ethan Crumbley is reveling in his fame
Accused Oxford High School gunman Ethan Crumbley on a video conference in the 52-3 District Courtroom of Judge Nancy Carniak in Rochester, Michigan, on Dec. 13, 2021, for a probable cause hearing in his case. - Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press/TNS

Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley admired German dictator Adolf Hitler and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, prosecutors said in court on Tuesday.

Their statements came at a hearing to determine whether the 15-year-old, who's accused of murdering four classmates at Oxford High School last year, will be housed in a juvenile facility or an adult jail while awaiting trial.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge said he would issue a ruling next week.

"Assistant Prosecutor Markeisha Washington said that Crumbley had a plan to stalk, rape, torture and ultimately kill a classmate and that he wrote that he admired Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer," Fox Channel 2 reports. "Additionally, the prosecution said his journal detailed plans to shoot students in the school and that he would surrender 'so that he could witness the pain and suffering that he caused.'"

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Prosecutors portrayed Crumbley as "a homicidal maniac who was fixated on achieving fame and glory by killing his classmates and took pride in his dark side," according to the Detroit Free Press. They added that he hasn't altered his way of thinking since the shooting, pointing to unusual requests while in jail.

"He asked in jail, 'How do I get my fan mail? How do I get my hate mail?' He wants that notoriety," Assistant Oakland Prosecutor Kelly Collins said, adding that Crumbley tells people things like "My court date is Feb. 22. Maybe you can watch me on TV" while communicating with the outside world on his tablet.

Watch video of the hearing below.

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