Armed guard was at Michigan school when mass shooting took place and failed to stop it: attorney

As Ethan Crumbley was carrying out his killing spree at Oxford High School, an armed guard who was roaming the school at the time opened the door of a bathroom where Crumbley was still carrying out the attack, then closed the door and walked away, according to an attorney representing the shooting victims' families.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Ven Johnson, who represents parents of shooting victims in multiple civil lawsuits against school district officials, said he believes the guard opened the door just before Crumbley shot student Justin Shilling.

The guard told investigators she did not see or hear anything in the bathroom, so she shut the door.

"Anybody would have seen three young men in that bathroom. ... Justin Shilling was still alive," Johnson said, adding that the guard told investigators that she walked past now-deceased Tate Myre, who had been shot, and believed he was participating in a shooting drill and was wearing makeup to make it look realistic.

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Security video shows Crumbley walking out of the bathroom and putting his hands up, apparently surrendering to police who came on the scene.

Four students died in the shooting. Six other students and one teacher were injured.