Trump dropped 'neutron bomb' on Wisconsin primary in grudge match against top Republican: Charlie Sykes
Donald Trump pointing at a rally / Gage Skidmore

Former President Donald Trump dropped a "neutron bomb" into Wisconsin's primary election by endorsing a challenger to the most powerful Republican in the state legislature, according to Wisconsin conservative Charlie Sykes.

The former president gave his "Complete and Total Endorsement" to far-right candidate Adam Steen in his long-shot campaign against Assembly speaker Robin Vos, and Sykes told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that the legislator had brought these troubles on himself by going along with Trump's election lies.

"I have known Robin Vos for years -- if only he had been warned about trying to appease the Trumpists," Sykes said. "Oh wait, he was. This is how Republicans have stumbled. Vos is right, there is no way to decertify the election. He has gone along with some of the the nihilism of the election. He appointed and created a bogus and costly investigation that found no fraud, whatsoever."

Trump, however, was not satisfied, and he turned on Vos to endorse the underfunded Steen, who has said he would take back the state's 10 Electoral College votes -- which is legally impossible -- and make contraception and all abortions illegal.

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"Now he is finding out the Trump base turning on him," Sykes said. "It's interesting what Donald Trump is doing in Wisconsin. None of the other issues that you mentioned about abortion matter to Donald Trump. All he is concerned about is revenge. He is coming to Wisconsin to campaign for his endorsed candidate for governor. I do have to say, it is really dividing Republicans, and leaving a lot of bruises here."

Trump's attacks could hurt Republicans in November's midterm elections, Sykes said.

"You have the former president, parachuting into Wisconsin, and he will spend a lot of his time attacking other Republicans," Syke said. "He will push the big lie. This is a year in which Republicans have the wind at their back. They have been very, very confident about the winning of the governorship. Trump has come in, and he has dropped this little neutron bomb into the middle of the Republican Party."

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