WATCH: Maggie Haberman outlines key evidence that suggests Trump knew he was lying about the election
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On CNN Thursday morning, Maggie Haberman of The New York Times outlined the implications of the bombshell filing from the House January 6 Committee accusing former President Donald Trump of obstruction of Congress and conspiracy to defraud the United States — and the testimony from former Vice President Mike Pence's team that gave them the evidence they needed.

"This is a committee telling a judge, we believe there is enough evidence to suggest that John Eastman and Donald Trump broke the law," said anchor John Berman. "And the essence of their argument was when Eastman and Trump were arguing Mike Pence could unilaterally overturn the election, they knew he couldn't, that the law wrote otherwise, which you reported they were being told repeatedly by Mike Pence and others."

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"That's right," said Haberman. "The contours of this, a couple of things. This is not a criminal complaint. This is not a criminal referral. This is a filing in a civil case. But it does lay out the arc of what the January 6th Committee, I think, will argue in its report and possibly a criminal referral, we don't know yet, suggesting that Donald Trump and John Eastman knew that what they were saying was not true. And I believe that part of what they're using for the logic is Donald Trump had been told by his campaign advisers in blunt terms that his chances were not good in making the election turn out his way after the fact, after it had taken place. and yet they persisted with this, and to your point, they were told by Mike Pence and Mike Pence's team, they did not believe Mike Pence had anything other than a ministerial duty to certify the Electoral College."

"That is at the heart of what you're seeing here," said Haberman. "I would urge everyone to read it because it has a lot of interesting detail from the interviews they have done and transcripts."

Watch below:

Maggie Haberman explains what Mike Pence's staff really said to the Jan. 6 committee