'Rest in peace comrade': Russian investor drinks on-air toast to death of country's financial market

A Russian investor drank a toast to the end of his country's capital market during an appearance on live television.

The investment expert, identified on social media as stock market strategy expert Aleksandr Butmanov, declined to respond to the greeting "good day" on the TJ network, saying he no longer sees a future in his industry after Russia was hit with punishing sanctions over Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

"In the worst-case scenario, I'll be working as Santa Claus just like 25 years ago," Butmanov said, according to an online translation. "Jokes aside, let me do this quickly."

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Butmanov then pulled out a bottle of soda in a stunt inspired by Russian investor Sergey Usichenko drinking to the death of Russia's stock market more than a decade ago, and drank a toast.

"Dear stock market, you were close to us, interesting to us," he said, according to a translation. "Rest in peace, dear comrade."

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