Man planned to kill Texas Congressman because he was taunting him with 'eyeball emojis'
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that a man from Florida has been arrested after stalking and threatening to murder a member of Congress — and posted the whole plan on Facebook with a bizarre explanation for why he was doing it.

Specifically, he claimed that Nehls and several other public figures were targeting him using "eyeball" emojis.

"A 38-year-old Florida man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) appears to have posted on Facebook about how he was certain the congressman and other national figures were supposedly taunting him by using the 'eyeball emoji,'" said the report. "A Facebook post from an account using the name Brett Coulter expressed his disgust with the 'straight up ghetto people' allegedly obsessed with him — including alt-right OANN anchor Jack Posobiec, Miami Heat player Bam Adebayo and the sports site Bleacher Report along with Nehls."

“I do not even know who he is up until last week so I did not know he was a ‘congressman,’" said Coulter in the post. "Anyway, the coward told DC Police (who have national jurisdiction) and they paid me a visit!!!”

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“Mr. Coulter repeatedly called and left disturbing and threatening voicemails where he threatened to kill me,” said Nehls in a statement. “After the first encounter, my office immediately notified the United States Capitol Police about the incident who took swift action … I commend the professionalism and seriousness [with] which all members of law enforcement handled the matter and am thankful Mr. Coulter has been arrested.”

Nehls, the former sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas, is also the leader of the Republicans' "alternative" investigation of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. He raised controversy this week by suggesting that Capitol Police secretly "wanted" the attack to happen.