FedEx fires worker who went on racist rant
Photo: Elliott Cowand Jr/Shutterstock

A FedEx employee is looking for work after being filmed in a racist rant.

A popular TikTok influencer with almost 10 million followers encountered the employee during a package delivery. The delivery person ultimately shouted that the Spanish-speaking woman should "go back" to her home country.

FedEx called the behavior "unacceptable" and "contrary to professionalism," in a statement to Insider.

The large package was being unloaded from the truck and the delivery person asked, "why don't y'all come help?"

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"Yeah, there ya go, get your boxes since y'all wanna stand there and look at me. Yeah."

At one point the delivery person asks the family to "kiss my white a**."

The influencer repeatedly tells her "leave. Leave."

"You need to go back to your country, I can't tell what you're saying," the delivery person says. "This is America!"

You can see the encounter in the video below or at this link.