MAGA rioter 'Bear-spray guy' goes missing as Jan. 6 hearing gets started

Jan. 6 defendant Tim Boughner was supposed to appear in court Tuesday morning but it appears that the court has lost him.

NBC reporter Scott MacFarlane, who has been covering the insurrection cases, tweeted that the Michigan man was scheduled to appear in court at 11 a.m. The jail trial involves charges of assaulting police officers with chemical spray and bike racks, along with other charges. He was one of the alleged Capitol attackers who reportedly brought bear spray, which resulted in taking down several police officers guarding the building.

According to the judge in the case, Boughner was being moved from a jail in Michigan to a jail in Washington, D.C. That means that he's on the road and can't exactly appear in court. They think he's "possibly en route to DC," said MacFarlane. But the federal government confessed that it doesn't exactly know where Bougher is. They're thinking Oklahoma.

The FBI statement of facts on Boughner includes specific details about his tattoos and visible scars that were used to pinpoint his identity in photos and videos of the attack.

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Using Facebook data, investigators were able to find communications beginning on Nov. 8, 2020, that show the pathway that Boughner took from the election to the Capitol attack. He even posted, "I’m on my way to Washington DC. to make sure Biden doesn’t become president."

After the attack, he used his Facebook account to admit to his involvement that day: “Tear gassed peppered sprayed guy got next to me got the rubber bullet. I grabbed a can from them and started spraying. I got it on video lol." Boughner then stated "That was wild. We made it to the senate floor till National guard started fight back."

It's an ironic statement given Donald Trump tweeted that his supporters should come to Washington, D.C. because it "will be wild."