Florida chiropractor who gives mask exemptions to anyone who asks shrugs off all responsibility in CNN interview
Sarasota Chiropractor Dan Busch (CNN).

CNN's Randi Kaye on Thursday conducted an interview with Florida-based chiropractor Dan Busch, who has made national news for giving out mask mandate exemption forms to any family that requests them — a development that has led Sarasota public schools to limit who can give out exemptions only to medical professionals like doctors and nurse practitioners.

"Why were you signing these forms?" asked Kaye. "Why were you exempting children?"

"Because as a parent I felt like they took my rights away, and it upset me," said Busch. "So I find out that I wasn't alone. Many parents felt the same way. They had their rights infringed upon, so, you know, they were upset as well."

"You said this was about freedom?" Kaye pressed him.

"It is a parental right to be able to choose these things," said Busch. "It is Florida law."

"These choices and freedom that you talk about — they are putting people in danger, and the statistics show that," said Kaye. "So how do you feel about that?"

"So keep in mind, I'm not making the decision on how a parent should send their child to school," said Busch. "For those kids that qualified or those teachers and administration that qualified, this is nothing more than a permission slip to give them their choice on how they feel they should go to school."

"You say you are pro-freedom, but can't you be pro-freedom and medically irresponsible at the same time?" Kaye said.

"I'm sure somebody could be, but do I feel that I was? Absolutely not," said Busch.

"You don't feel you are medically responsible at all?" said Kaye.

"Not at all," said Busch.

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