'Not good Americans': MSNBC's Morning Joe condemns Fox News broadcasters mocking Capitol cops

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough questioned the patriotism of conservative commentators who are openly mocking the police officers who protected the U.S. Capitol and the elected officials inside.

Four police officers testified Tuesday before the House select committee on the Jan. 6 insurrection, and the "Morning Joe" host condemned broadcasters on conservative networks who mocked their trauma and insulted their service.

"You do wonder about the people who run those other networks," Scarborough said. "You wonder why they allow anti-American rhetoric like that to go over the air, why they allow the mocking and the ridiculing of law enforcement officers who risk their lives, risk their lives, were beat within inches of their lives with American flags, brutalized, all to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. All to protect and defend a constitutional occurrence from happening. All to protect and defend the peaceful transition from one president to the next."

"Any good American, let me say that, I don't say this usually," he added. "I'm going to say, any good American that respects law enforcement, that respects men and women in blue, any good American would have been moved by what they saw yesterday, and if they instead went on and mocked the service of those men who were nearly beaten to death for simply trying to protect their country because so much was on the line on that day, then accountability, I guess, at the end of the day goes to those people and those corporate boards that allow people like that on television. It's a disgrace to America. It's a disgrace to the networks that they're members of. It's a disgrace to all of us that people like that mock the service of the men in blue who protected us in the middle of a constitutional crisis."

The attack on the Capitol by enraged Donald Trump supporters posed a grave threat to democracy, and Scarborough blasted anyone who says otherwise.

"Anybody telling you that Jan. 6 wasn't a constitutional crisis, you're listening to anybody mocking the service of these cops, you just know, they're not good Americans," he said. "They're not good Americans. I said it, I said it again. People that employ them should be ashamed of themselves. They're a disgrace."

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