'Lies have consequences': Dominion attorney declares victory after settlement with Fox News

On Tuesday, Dominion Voting Systems agreed to a settlement with Fox News in their $1.6 billion lawsuit over election conspiracies in the wake of the 2020 presidential race.

In a press conference after the superior court judge in Delaware announced the agreement, Dominion attorney Justin Nelson took a victory lap to reporters.

"The truth matters. Lies have consequences," said Nelson. "Over two years ago a torrent of lies swept Dominion and election officials across America into an alternative universe of conspiracy theories, causing grievous harm to Dominion and the country. Today's settlement of $787,500,000 represents vindication and accountability."

"Lies have consequences," Nelson continued. "The truth does not know red or blue. People across the political spectrum can and should disagree on issues even of the most profound importance. But for our democracy to endure for another 250 years, and hopefully much longer, we must share a commitment to facts. Misinformation will not go away. It may only get worse. This litigation cannot solve all problems. All of us remain ever vigilant to find common factual ground."

"Today represents a ringing endorsement for truth, and for democracy," concluded Nelson.

The settlement does not completely resolve Fox News' legal problems, as another lawsuit by electronic voting systems company Smartmatic is also advancing.

Watch video below or at this link.

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