'This is stupid even for Fox viewers': Fox News mocked for 'hilariously weak' attack on Biden
Joe Biden

Hungry for a reason to criticize President Joe Biden, Fox News bannered a story on Friday afternoon attempting to create controversy over Biden's plan to return to his native Delaware over the weekend by stating he was flying "despite CDC warnings to avoid travel."

It took Fox's Brooke Singman three paragraphs to note that, "Biden, who has a home outside Wilmington, Delaware, is expected to fly on Air Force One and will avoid much of the travel risks associated with commercial flights or traveling on other methods of public transportation like bus or train."

The burying of that pertinent fact brought out the critics, with one commenter bluntly pointing out, "I know you guys are rusty after four years of bootlicking, but this is pretty hilariously weak."

Many were quick to point out that Donald Trump -- who failed to be re-elected -- was the president who skipped most of the COVID-19 protocols that led to the White House becoming a coronavirus hotspot during the final months of his administration.

You can see some responses below: