Fox News guest calls out network live on air for pushing 'Great Replacement' theory cited by mass shooters
Kristal Knight (Screen cap / Fox News)

A Fox News guest on Thursday called out the network on live TV for promoting the racist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory that has been cited by multiple mass shooters as justification for murder.

While appearing on Harris Faulkner's program, progressive political consultant Kristal Knight hammered Republicans and right-wing media for promoting the false theory that the Democratic Party is deliberately importing immigrants to "replace" white voters in the United States.

"The Republican Party produced a failed insurrection on January 6th," she said. "This is also the party that, you know, has supported the Big Lie [about the 2020 election being stolen from former President Donald Turmp]. We also have to remember the 'Great Replacement' theory that has been spewed on this network alone, and the Buffalo shooter referenced it! These are all remnants of the Republican Party, that's the party of hate!"

Faulkner did not address Knight's points directly and turned to Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt, who accused Democrats of using a "horrible, horrible unthinkable tragedy" to score political points.

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Fox News in recent weeks has come under fire for host Tucker Carlson repeatedly pushing the "Great Replacement" theory that has been long championed by white supremacists as a justification for committing acts of violence.

Carlson, however, has refused to back down and has doubled down on claims that so-called "legacy Americans" are being deliberately replaced by foreigners.

Watch the video below or at this link.