Mysterious FBI raid on former journalist's home linked to Fox News-Tucker Carlson hacks: report
Fox News host Tucker Carlson -- a key figure in US right-wing politics -- is moving on from the network. (CHIP SOMODEVILLA/AFP)

The FBI earlier this month conducted a mysterious search at the property of Tim Burke, a former journalist who worked at both Deadspin and the Daily Beast.

Now the Tampa Bay Times is reporting that the raid was related to an apparent hack of Fox News that resulted in unaired footage from Tucker Carlson's former show on that network being leaked to Vice News and Media Matters.

"The investigation, according to the letter, concerns allegations of unauthorized computer access; interception of wire, oral or electronic communication; conspiracy; and other federal crimes," reports the Tampa Bay Times.

"The leaked videos published by Vice News include unaired portions of Tucker Carlson’s two-part interview with Ye, in which the rapper formerly known as Kanye West makes disturbing statements about Jewish people. The videos, published by Media Matters, include behind-the-scenes footage from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News shows that appear to show the conservative pundit talking candidly during commercial breaks and before segments."

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The newspaper notes that Burke has not been accused of any wrongdoing and it isn't clear if authorities view him as a suspect in the leaks.

The report also notes that Burke is the husband of Tampa City Council member Lynn Hurtak, whom he helped win election last year as her campaign manager.