Tucker Carlson ally serves notice to Fox News: 'He knows where a lot of bodies are buried'
Tucker Carlson speaking with attendees at the 2020 Student Action Summit. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

According to close associates of ousted Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, the conservative network can expect an onslaught of attacks now that the dust has settled over his firing.

Axios founder Mike Allen is reporting that Carlson is planning to go to war with his former employers and that it is going to get ugly very soon.

According to his report, "Tucker Carlson is preparing to unleash allies to attack Fox News in an effort to bully the network into letting him work for — or start — a right-wing rival."

Carlson's attorney Bryan Freedman told Axios, "The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous."

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The report notes that Carlson and Twitter honcho Elon Musk have been in contact and that "Carlson is busy plotting a media empire of his own. But he needs Fox to let him out of his contract, which expires in January 2025 — after the presidential election."

"We're told Carlson has been contacted by outlets — including the right-wing Rumble and Newsmax — that offered to pay him more than his Fox contract," Allen wrote.

One confidante of the fired Fox host gave a preview of what to expect, telling Axios that Carlson "knows where a lot of bodies are buried, and is ready to start drawing a map."

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