Fox could hand ISIS the keys for how to invade the Capitol next: Jan. 6 committee member
CEO and founder of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch (AFP)

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News could be handed the tools to give information to terrorists seeking to attack the United States, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said when speaking to MSNBC on Sunday.

Lofgren served on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. Fox's Tucker Carlson was handed all of the videos and information from the committee's findings, which would hand potential terrorists the information necessary to enter the Capitol and kill members of Congress.

When Republicans took over Congress in January, they removed all metal detectors from entrances to the Capitol so that armed members could carry their guns onto the floor. That could be a problem for others entering the Capitol with the intent to harm a branch of America's government.

"I have a concern," said Lofgren. "There are things in the tape that we did not release at the request of the Capitol Police because it would endanger the security of the Capitol. If Tucker Carlson has been given, and as he described, unfettered access, and is prepared to use the material without regard to the security issues, that would be a problem. Obviously, Jan. 6th were Trump supporters [who] tried to overturn the government. But we had threats from international terrorism, as well. I think ISIS would love to know where the cameras are located. Where the gaps are."

She said that she doesn't fault other news outlets for requesting the videos now that Fox already has them. At the very least, the other networks can report whether Fox strategically edited them to try and make them appear more favorable. She called it "unfair" that the Speaker would hand over the tapes to only one so-called "news agency."

"On the other hand, the security issues remain," Lofgren explained. "It's not as if the Jan. 6 Committee withheld important elements of the videos. We did not, however, release a video of the Speaker's lobby as the mob tried to break in because of security for the officers. Also, members, including me, were being evacuated at the other end of the hallway. It's not a very big room. But, what we delivered to the American people is a fair representation of what happened. I think that a lot of us believe that Carlson will selectively edit to try to present a false narrative. He has been delivering a false negative about Jan. 6th throughout. Providing sensitive material to others would not solve that problem."

It makes up a total of about 44,000 hours of video. It comes at a time when Fox is facing significant lawsuits for reporting fake information about electronic voting machines and software companies. My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell says he will sue Carlson if he reveals the videos.

See Lofgren take on the issue below or at the link here:

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