'There's biblical things': MAGA country singer analyzes NYC crime for Fox News
Fox News/screen grab

https://www.rawstory.com/fox-news-john-rich-biblical-crime/Country music singer John Rich who has written an anthem for the MAGA movement was asked on Fox News to analyze crime in New York City.

Rich was on the network to promote his new song that calls on liberals to stick "progress" where "the sun don't shine."

While appearing on the Outnumbered program, one Fox News host asked Rich to comment on a recent robbery that was caught on video in the Bronx.

Rich said that the robbers were "animalistic" and blamed crime rates on "biblical things."

"It's very animalistic," he explained. "In a way, it reminds me of a pack of wolves that would see an injured bird and they run in on it and they devour the bird."

"You know, there's biblical things too," the singer continued, "that says the devil roams this earth seeking who he may devour! And I think the more we take God out of our conversation, the more we -- certain people in power try to erase Him from American life and from the public square, the more you're going to see things like this happening."

According to Rich, "the only way people would do something like that is to be totally devoid of God."

Watch the video below from Fox News or at this link.