Fox Business host turns tables on right-winger angry at MSNBC for snubbing Trump speech
Fox News/screen grab

Fox Business host Liz Clayman defended MSNBC after the left-leaning network decided not to air former President Donald Trump's speech live following his arrest.

On the Sunday Media Buzz program, Fox News host Howard Kurtz and Federalist writer Emily Jashinsky took issue with MSNBC's decision not to air Trump's speech.

"I think it's really insulting, not just bad for business, but bad for media," Jashinsky said. "I mean, that speech got really big ratings for a lot of folks."

"That's what [MSNBC host] Rachel Maddow is saying," she continued. "You, the audience, can't be trusted to know that this guy might be exaggerating like politicians do... That's not her job."

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Kurtz then prompted Clayman to attack MSNBC.

"Liz, it seems almost condescending to me," Kurtz told Clayman. "You know, we don't want you to hear what the Republican frontrunner has to say because you might fall for it."

Clayman, however, defended MSNBC.

"I'm wondering if Emily would think it's insulting that Fox News in the past has decided on occasion not to cover a Donald Trump rally or speech," Clayman remarked. "That has been happening in the past. And you know, I love people who don't, who just want to throw that out there and say the editorial decision was supposed to be this. Editorial decisions are made for all kinds of reasons."

"And MSNBC feels that their viewers probably didn't want to see what maybe they felt was going to be the same old grievances or some lies," she added.

Kurtz defended his attack on the left-leaning network.

"When Fox didn't take the two January 6th committee hearings in prime time, I was critical of that," he recalled. "It did run all the other daytime hearings. And so I just think, let the viewers decide. They're smart, and you don't have to shield them from this sort of thing."

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